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Card Configurations

ABCorp understands that successful gift card and loyalty programs need to be creative, flexible, and easily accessible to consumers. As a successful segment within the retail card market , gift cards will drive business growth by increasing sales and improving cash flow, while loyalty cards entitle card holders to special privileges, rewards, discounts or incentives – all designed to retain current customers, encourage spending, cross sell, and attract new business. Durability, perceived value, and the fact that a card’s value can be reloaded are the major reasons retailers utilize a gift card solution. Gift cards are no longer the gift of “convenience”, but have now become the gift of choice.

We are known as being innovators in developing a wide assortment of card configurations, and hold a number of patents for designs, ensuring that your gift and loyalty cards will appeal to your customers and be an integral part of your sales and marketing strategies.

Combo Card ®

ABCorp’s patented Combo Card is a versatile marketing product ideally suited for a wide assortment of membership and loyalty programs. The credit card sized plastic card is attached to either one or two key tags, enabling a card for the customer’s wallet or a tag(s) for their keychain(s). There is even a smaller “coupon” piece which can be printed as a coupon, with a promotional message or any messaging desired. Add our Active Label which contains the same personalization on the card and key tag(s) to ensure accuracy and save time when completing a customer’s application.

RAC® Card

Our patented RAC card offers opportunities for targeted messaging or branding — all in a high quality, easy-to-use and affordable card. The one piece card is scored across the middle allowing the gift card to break apart from the hang tag which can display a logo, promotional message, coupon, card instructions – practically anything you want. The value of the card is encoded on a magnetic stripe or bar code and a PIN number can hidden by a scratch-off security panel.


ABCorp’s DualKard is an easy-to-use product that creates a myriad of marketing and sales opportunities. It features two ISO sized credit cards joined together, each with its own magnetic stripe and ScanGuard® protection, allowing companies to create joint marketing programs, or to offer multiple cards with unique identifications.

Custom Die Cut

Having a card which is uniquely shaped is another choice which ABCorp offers. You can design or we can design for you an appealing card which incorporates a unique shape, yet still meets ISO requirements, to further differentiate your company. Whether you want your design to extend off the top of the card with a the card shape hugging this design or you want your card to have a shape cut into the body of the card, ABCorp has the expertise to make this happen.

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ABCorp Highlights

Worried About Fraud? ABCorp Provides EMV Cards.

Recent data breaches have raised consumer awareness of the importance of card security, triggering questions and discussion on the United States adoption of EMV smartcards. ABCorp is fully equipped to produce EMV cards at its secure facility, and having worked with issuers throughout the world to successfully implement EMV programs,  can provide expert consultation services on card migration strategies. Download our FAQs or white paper to learn more about how EMV cards reduce fraud, or contact ABCorp today. 


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HCE – Endorsed by Visa® and MasterCard®

We have partnered with SimplyTapp to integrate their revolutionary HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology with ABCorp’s secure Trusted Service Manager (TSM). Both Visa and MasterCard have recently announced their endorsement of an HCE solution for secure smart phone payment enablement. Because it essentially moves the SE to the cloud, the combined offering will support multiple network and device configurations, providing an innovative, scalable and affordable solution.

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Mobile Payment Solutions supported by ABCorp’s MasterCard and Visa certified Trusted Service Manager

NFC (Near Field Communication) and its impact on smart phones is rapidly changing the way we do business, transforming a mobile device into the wallet of the future. The demands of consumers, and the benefits to them are clear, but convenience and capability has to be looked at within the complexities of the multiple vendors, suppliers and services in this market – and the challenges of providing an open flexible solution within a completely secure environment.

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