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Instant Issuance Printers

ABCorp-CCS supports a number of instant issuance printers for magnetic stripe, contactless, EMV and dual interface cards.  Our printers are easy to use, support a variety of card substrates and thicknesses, and provide consistently high quality.  Our experts can help you select the printer that best meets your needs. 

XID 83AB High Definition Card Printer

This printer offers unparalleled reliability and quality, and has optional modules for maximum flexibility. The XID 83AB prints on a variety of card materials, including ABS, PET and Polycarbonate, and supports magnetic stripe, EMV and optical memory cards. 

The input hopper holds up to 200 cards, and the output hopper holds up to 75 cards. With a high ribbon capacity and detachable card hopper, you can enjoy consistent throughput for virtually any card production volume. The front-loading system and user replaceable cartridges ensure fast and simple changes of supplies.

Options such as a bend remedy station and inline single or double-sided lamination modules allow you to meet specific customer requirements. Encoding options include magnetic stripe encoding (HiCo and LoCo) as well as contact and contactless chip encoding, including MiFare, DESFire, EMV, and more. 

The XID 83AB includes a range of security features, including physical and electronic locking, IPSEC for encrypted data transfer, and Security Erase of black data on used supplies. 

HDPii Plus High Definition Financial Card Printer

This dual-hopper printer is ideal for anyone who needs to support different card substrates. Each input hopper can hold up to 100 cards, and the output hopper can hold up to 200 cards, making it suitable for high volume card production. 

The HDP (High Definition Printing) technology produces the highest quality imaging for text, photos and graphics.  It prints financial cards on both sides, and writes card with its standard magnetic stripe encoder or optional contact and contactless smart card encoders. 

Special features ensure that it meets the demanding security requirements of financial card printing. The ribbon, film and card material in the input hoppers are all protected by dual hardware and electronic locks, and cards in the output hopper are concealed. The printer itself can be locked and physically bolted to a counter. 

Zebra® ZXP 3 Card Printer

The Zebra ZXP 3 printer has an exceptionally small footprint, and offers a range of high capacity ribbon options. With an Energy Star® rating, it is one of the most cost effective options for instant issuance, particularly for monochrome printing. It has an input hopper capacity of 300 cards, and an output capacity of 45 cards, with a print speed of up to 180 cards per hour. Encoding options include high and low coercivity for magnetic stripe cards as well as contact and contactless support for EMV and other chip cards.  

Operation of the Zebra ZXP is simple and intuitive, and the quick-replace higher capacity Load-N-Go™ ribbons are eco-friendly. The standard Kensington™ lock and optional enclosure lock ensure the security of the printer. 

Zebra® ZXP 7 Card Printer

This printer includes all of the features of the Zebra ZXP 3, but in a larger model that offers faster print speed and increased input and output hopper capacities. With an input hopper capacity of 300 cards, and output hopper capacity of up to 100 cards, and a print speed of up to 300 cards per hour, this is the ideal printer for higher volume needs. 


ABCorp Highlights

Worried About Fraud? ABCorp Provides EMV Cards.

Recent data breaches have raised consumer awareness of the importance of card security, triggering questions and discussion on the United States adoption of EMV smartcards. ABCorp is fully equipped to produce EMV cards at its secure facility, and having worked with issuers throughout the world to successfully implement EMV programs,  can provide expert consultation services on card migration strategies. Download our FAQs or white paper to learn more about how EMV cards reduce fraud, or contact ABCorp today. 


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HCE – Endorsed by Visa® and MasterCard®

We have partnered with SimplyTapp to integrate their revolutionary HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology with ABCorp’s secure Trusted Service Manager (TSM). Both Visa and MasterCard have recently announced their endorsement of an HCE solution for secure smart phone payment enablement. Because it essentially moves the SE to the cloud, the combined offering will support multiple network and device configurations, providing an innovative, scalable and affordable solution.

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Mobile Payment Solutions supported by ABCorp’s MasterCard and Visa certified Trusted Service Manager

NFC (Near Field Communication) and its impact on smart phones is rapidly changing the way we do business, transforming a mobile device into the wallet of the future. The demands of consumers, and the benefits to them are clear, but convenience and capability has to be looked at within the complexities of the multiple vendors, suppliers and services in this market – and the challenges of providing an open flexible solution within a completely secure environment.

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