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Mobile Development

ABCorp supports a dedicated mobile development team that works with customers and strategic partners to provide cutting edge solutions for mobile transactions.

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming the wallet of the future, but the complexity of this multi-player market and consumer needs for convenience and security can be daunting.

As a leader in the development of NFC (Near Field Communications) and mobile solutions, ABCorp has created an open platform that is flexible and scalable. We can provide a turnkey product, or create a highly customized solution specifically for your needs and your customers’ needs. Our experts are available to consult with you and recommend the ideal platform.

For NFC, the heart of ABCorp’s mobile solutions is our Trusted Service Manager (TSM), which delivers card based mobile personalization and scripting to mobile customers through a secure authorization management service. Our TSM is Visa® and MasterCard® certified, and can be scaled to meet the most demanding requirements.

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ABCorp Highlights

Worried About Fraud? ABCorp Provides EMV Cards.

Recent data breaches have raised consumer awareness of the importance of card security, triggering questions and discussion on the United States adoption of EMV smartcards. ABCorp is fully equipped to produce EMV cards at its secure facility, and having worked with issuers throughout the world to successfully implement EMV programs,  can provide expert consultation services on card migration strategies. Download our FAQs or white paper to learn more about how EMV cards reduce fraud, or contact ABCorp today. 


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HCE – Endorsed by Visa® and MasterCard®

We have partnered with SimplyTapp to integrate their revolutionary HCE (Host Card Emulation) technology with ABCorp’s secure Trusted Service Manager (TSM). Both Visa and MasterCard have recently announced their endorsement of an HCE solution for secure smart phone payment enablement. Because it essentially moves the SE to the cloud, the combined offering will support multiple network and device configurations, providing an innovative, scalable and affordable solution.

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Mobile Payment Solutions supported by ABCorp’s MasterCard and Visa certified Trusted Service Manager

NFC (Near Field Communication) and its impact on smart phones is rapidly changing the way we do business, transforming a mobile device into the wallet of the future. The demands of consumers, and the benefits to them are clear, but convenience and capability has to be looked at within the complexities of the multiple vendors, suppliers and services in this market – and the challenges of providing an open flexible solution within a completely secure environment.

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